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Diset- Puzzle Provinces-Autonomies137p Educational toy Provinces Of Spain, Multicolor (68942)

  • Educational puzzle of the provinces and autonomies of Spain; a fun way to learn the geography of Spain and some of its most characteristic cultural elements
  • The province is a different piece, favors the learning of the provinces, the autonomies (each of a different color), its form, location

Educa Borrás - 150 Provinces Spain Puzzle (14870)

  • Puzzle made with high quality materials and with a perfect fit
  • Includes 150 cardboard parts

Clementoni - Playing learn, discover Spain (55119.4)

  • This fantastic 2 game in 1 is a two-sided puzzle with the physical and political map of Spain
  • With 150 questions!

Janod- Magnetic map of Spain 50 Pieces (Wood), Multicolor (Juratoys J05478)

  • How easy it is to learn geography while playing! Each magnet represents an illustrated province with a local specialty.
  • Grouping the provinces by their color, you will get to know which Autonomous Community they belong to.

Diset 63737 - Provinces of Spain

  • Educational puzzle composed of 137 pieces
  • Represents each and every one of the provinces that make up the Spanish state

Ravensburger 19618. Puzzle 1000 pieces. Gran Via de Madrid

  • Puzzle of 1000 pieces of the prestigious Ravensburger house
  • Reason: Gran via de Madrid (Limited Edition)

Ravensburger 24027, Puzzle Double Map Iberian Peninsula Spain Physical And Political, pack with 2 X 100 Pieces

  • Children's educational game
  • Composed by 2 great puzzles of 100 pieces each to discover the Iberian Peninsula

Educa Puzzles - Appuzzle Spain from 150 Pieces (15946)

  • The most complete puzzles to learn everything about the World
  • Capture the image of the puzzle with your electronic device and explore the map by touching the areas that interest you; you can get information and more relevant data of each area, the best images and the most amazing videos

ZZXSY 1000 Puzzle Adult Pieces The Cathedral of Salamanca is a Cathedral of the Late Gothic and Baroque in the city of Salamanca, Castilla y León in Spain It can be used as a birthday gift

  • 〠 1000 high quality puzzle pieces.
  • 〠 Puzzle Wooden puzzles, our sawing machines are made with special techniques, and the puzzles are more closely connected and are not easy to fall.

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