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Ouken Nose Stainless Steel Ring Body jewelry Nose Piercing Nose Rings and studs Body Clip hoop for Women partition wall Piercing Clip Jewelry Gift 1 Game (8pcs) Steel Color

  • Material: Made of high quality stainless steel, so it provides lasting color retention and is extremely easy to clean.
  • Simple and elegant: The smooth surface gives you a perfect wearing feeling. Simple and elegant piercings for daily jewelry.

Briana Williams 12pcs Surgical Steel Labret Monroe Lip Piercing Ring Tragus Helix Earring Stud Piercing Jewelry

  • Material: surgical stainless steel 316L (hypoallergenic and nickel-free body jewelry).
  • Caliber: 1,2 mm (16 g); Usable bar length: 6 mm.
PromotionTOP SALES No. 3

BanaVega 6 Surgical Steel parts Bracelet Caliber 16 3 mm Cone Cartilage Eyebrows Lobe Rim Helix Piercing Earrings Jewelry Choose Sizes

  • Surgical steel is the material of these ear spirals. 316L surgical grade implant steel is biocompatible, corrosion resistant, easy to clean.
  • Anodized coating not only inhibits infection, but gives these spiral earrings a great resistant and durable color that you can trust.

Sumind 6 Pairs 18G Stainless Steel Cubic Zirconia Bolt Earrings Piercing Barbell Cartilage Piercing Ear Helix Tragus, 6 Sizes

  • 6 pairs button earrings: they come with 6 silver colored earrings in 6 inlays of different sizes, 3 mm - 8 mm are available, each size for 1 pair, more options for daily use
  • Features: made of 316L stainless steel, solid and durable resistance, antioxidant and tarnish; Each polished earring has a brilliant cubic zirconia gemstone

AVYRING 16G Stainless Steel Nose Piercing Lip Eyebrow Septum Hoop Ear Piercing Helix Tragus Cartilage for Men Woman 3 Styles - Black

  • All made of surgical stainless steel 316L; Hypoallergenic and nickel free.
  • Gauge: 16G (1.2mm), internal diameter of the control ring: 8mm; Internal diameter of the partition wall: 8 mm, Ball size: 3 mm.

60pcs / Lots Body Tongue Piercings Rings With Nose Eyebrow Lip Belly Bar

  • Material: surgical stainless steel 316L
  • Color: as the picture shows

sailimue Jewelry in 316L Stainless Steel 5 Parts 16G Helix Piercing Nose Ear Hoops for Men Women, Septum Nose Hoop Piercing Ring

  • Receive 5 Ring Pieces Nose Piercing Rings in Order, Affordable Price.
  • Quality Stainless Steel Material, Longer Service Time, Much Safer to Use.

5 8MM Pair Stainless Steel Earrings Man Woman Unisex Round Helix Piercing Ear Barbell, Color Black Silver Colorful Gold Blue (with gift bag)

  • Material: Good quality stainless steel, 316L steel is a fashionable material for jewelry, safe and reliable, unlike gold and silver, resist rust, resist corrosion, oxidation and high heat.
  • SIZE: 3.6G / pare, diameter 7mm, the thickness of the ring: 1mm, ideal size for men and women.
PromotionTOP SALES No. 9

Anself - 105 Units Lip Piercings Nose Lip Eyebrows Body, Stainless Steel (105 Pcs)

  • Made by medical stainless steel, safe to use.
  • 105 pieces, both in quality and quantity are worth it.

AVYRING Women Men Stainless Steel Punk Style Dangle Earring Stud Tragus Helix cartilage Ear Piercing 3 Pairs

  • All made of surgical stainless steel 316L, hypoallergenic and nickel free.
  • Size: 16 Gauge (1.2 mm), bar length: 6 mm.

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