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OUFER 16G Stainless Steel Cartilage Earrings Hoop CZ Petal Helix Rook Earrings Tragus Piercing Jewelry (Rose Gold)

  • Style: 16G Stainless Steel Cartilage Earrings Hoop CZ Petal Helix Rook Earrings Tragus Piercing Jewelry
  • Gauge: Bar Thickness: 16G / 1.2mm; Diameter: 10mm
PromotionTOP SALES No. 2

OUFER Piercing Jewelry Pier Stainless steel read pink gold Zircon transparent right clasp Cartilage earrings in the shape of a heart Daith Cartilage Tragus Helix Earrings Hoop (white pink)

  • One (1) Single 18Kt White Gold Plated Pink CZ Heart Right Closure Daith Crtilage Tragus Earring In 16Gauge.
  • Length 1 / 2 "inch, Post Size: 1.2mm, Outer Diameter: 13mm, Diameter: 10mm.
PromotionTOP SALES No. 3

Milagus Tragus Helix Body Piercing Jewelry Stainless Steel Daith Cartilage Earrings Nose Rings Clicker Hoop Septum Piercings

  • Affordable piercing set: an order contains 3 different styles, cartilage piercing / clicker piercing / CZ Heart Right Closure Daith piercing. More options for daily use of piercing. Resonant body jewelry set, worth buying!
  • High quality materials: manufactured with 316L surgical steel. The solid and durable color rings, without allergies and antioxidants, gold and gold are coated with titanium for color. AAA Cubic Zirconia. For your safety, we use the highest quality materials.

Incaton Cartilage Earring Retainer 24 Pieces Acrylic Helix Hoop Bioflex Nose Lipstick Eyebrow Swallow Septum Rings Horseshoe Piercing Jewelry

  • [Hypoallergenic] Made of transparent and flexible acrylic, smooth and smooth, with comfortable and safe use. Nickel free and lead free
  • [Total 20 parts] 20 parts of transparent perforation retainers on the body in 4 styles (industrial bar, hoop circular nose ring septum rings, eyebrow piercing with curved rods, labret studs)
PromotionTOP SALES No. 5

AMKAKA S925 Sterling Silver No Piercing Ear Clip Cuff Wrap Earrings for Women (1 Pair)

  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver without nickel, best choice to protect your ear
  • Size: 6 * 8 mm / 0,23 * 0,31 inch. Very light and comfortable.

JFORYOU Cartilage Hoop Helix Earrings Nose Rings Hoop Septum Piercing Stainless Steel Ear Tragus Piercing 16G 8mm

  • Package includes: 9 pcs Hoop Rings, 3 styles (fake captive ring with matt finish Ball * 3; fake captive ring with shiny metal Ball * 3; Clicker Ring * 3) mit your different needs
  • Gauge: 16G / 1.2mm; Inner diameter: 8mm; Ball size: 3mm.

Longita 9 Pieces 20G Stainless Steel Nose Fake Rings Piercing Set Lip Eyebrow Rings Non Piercing Helix Tragus Earrings Cartilage Hoop Conch Ear Studs Piercing Body Jewelry-Silver

  • Gauge: 20G (0.8 mm), diameter: 8 mm.
  • Made with 316L surgical stainless steel; Provides durable color retention and extremely easy to clean.

NewkeepsR 10G 10mm (3 / 8 '') Dark Blue 316L Steel Nose Hoop Ring Stud Sleeper Earrings Seamless Hinge Segment Helix Daith Cartilage Lip Piercing

  • Size: 10ga ring thickness, internal diameter 3 / 8 '' (2.5 * 10mm), color Dark blue, material: 316L surgical steel (sold individually)
  • Avoid unnecessary problems, please check the "Style" list carefully, as you could avoid moving from one side to the other and bounce a bit when walking. Go completely around the nose, never lose if you do not open the hinge. Instead of a C-shaped ring (only half a ring)

AceFun 10 Pieces Stainless Steel Industrial Barbell Lip Cartilage Stud Earrings Hoop Tragus Helix Ear Piercing Body Silver Jewelry

  • Cost-effective price: an order that includes 10 pieces of Piercing Jewelry.
  • Bar length: 38 mm, bar thickness: 1,6 mm, ball: 5 mm; Heart Rings - Caliber: 1.2 mm / 16, internal diameter: 8-10 mm; Lipsticks - Caliber: 1,2 mm / 16 caliber, length: 8 mm
PromotionTOP SALES No. 10

Milacolato 10 PCS Stainless Steel Segment Ring Cartilage Hoop Earrings for Men Women Fakes Nose Lip Rings Helix Tragus Ear Hoop Body Jewel Piercing

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of stainless steel, which is not allergic and does not corrode, does not rust or stain easily with water. Brilliant, without nickel. Low maintenance. high durability
  • MEASUREMENT: PAPER SIZE 5PCS = 16G (1,2 mm), PAPER SIZE 5PCS = 20G (0,8 mm), Internal diameter = 8m; Perfect size like nose piercings, 5 colors for you to choose: silver tone, black tone, gold tone, Rosegold tone, rainbow tone. Wonderful earring of cartilage at a reasonable price, which is worth buying.

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