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If what you have the idea to buy is a Lego Technic Helicopter, It will be very practical. On this page you will enjoy a category with reviews, opinions and comparison with different possibilities that you have when it comes to buying Helicopter Lego Technic. We do not intend to bore you, with extensive explanations about each Lego Technic Helicopter, we are the ones who think that the simplest, also will be the most useful, so you can discover which Lego Technic Helicopters are the best sellers and those preferred by other customers. For this, below, you will find the catalog of the 30 Helicopter Lego Technic that is most bought in online stores.

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Soon we leave you with a list of the best selling and most popular 30 Helicopter Lego Technic, at the moment of buying on the web. We are among those who believe that it is one of the best ways to find the best Lego Technic Helicopter to buy right now on-line. Take a look and make the purchase yourself, in the footer of the web you can read explanations, comparatives, reviews and opinions directed to the different Helicopter Lego Technic that you have in the selection, and you will also discover other related lists, so that you decide , when you are willing to purchase a Lego Technic Helicopter in an online store.


LEGO Technic - Rescue Helicopter, detailed toy model to build and create adventures in the air (42092)

  • It has revolving rotors, side doors and rear storage that open, winch that really works and a rescue stretcher
  • See the fantastic color combination in red, white and black
LEGO - Heavy Transport Helicopter, (42052)
6 Reviews

LEGO - Heavy Transport Helicopter, (42052)

  • Discover the amazing LEGO Technic heavy transport helicopter This huge and solid model "2 in 1" has many details and functions of great realism
  • Activate the included Power Functions motor to rotate the rotors in both directions, deploy the loading ramp, open the warehouse doors, lower the hook and transport the load included
LEGO Technic - Helicopter (42057)
13 Reviews

LEGO Technic - Helicopter (42057)

  • It has an aerodynamic high-tech design
  • See the amazing combination of colors in white, red and black, with fantastic stickers
LEGO Technic - Double Helix Helicopter, Construction Games (42020)
165 Reviews

LEGO Technic - Double Helix Helicopter, Construction Games (42020)

  • Fly with freedom with this double helix helicopter
  • 2 in 1 by LEGO Technic
LEGO Technic - Ocean Explorer (42064) Construction Game
9 Reviews

LEGO Technic - Ocean Explorer (42064) Construction Game

  • Includes a ship with a bow bulb, a large bridge of the captain with radar and chimneys, heliport and a mobile crane, as well as a submarine and a helicopter to build
  • See the boat's classic color scheme in dark blue, red and white
LEGO Technic - Helicopter Helicopter, Toy
20 Reviews

LEGO Technic - Helicopter Helicopter, Toy

  • It features a main rotor pitching winch and spinning tail rotor, landing gear retraction, sliding doors, opening the rear loading ramp and lowering
  • 2 models in 1: rebuild in a double rotor helicopter
LEGO Technic 8068 - Rescue Helicopter
1 Reviews

LEGO Technic 8068 - Rescue Helicopter

  • Use the control knobs to rotate the main and tail rotors simultaneously
  • Retractable landing gear, which operate the side doors of the winch and can be opened

LEGO Technic 8046 - Helicopter [English version]

  • Gears really turn to roters!
  • Rebuild your model in a LEGO TECHNICAL hydroplane!

Modbrix technique Bricks helicopter helicopter Transport helicopter construction Toy 300 Parts

  • Technology construction stones helicopters
  • 300 toy building parts

LEGO Technic 8068 - Rescue Helicopter

  • Use the control knobs to rotate the main and tail rotors simultaneously
  • Retractable landing gear, which operate the side doors of the winch and can be opened

Clementoni 52217 Toy vehicle - Toy Vehicles (Black, Green, Gray, Helicopter, 8 year (s), Child, 276 mm, 45 mm)

  • An innovative scientific case to discover the secrets of these incredible 2 vehicles.
  • The child built himself a helicopter and a hydrofoil all in decouvrant how the transmission mechanisms work.
PromotionTOP SALES No. 14

Clementoni - 52225-atelier mechanic - Airplanes and helicoptères-jeu scientist

  • The secret of the aerodynamic in 10,70 build of fantastic flying gear.
  • Reproduce the models of airplanes and helicopters and discover their special mechanics.

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