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Hysagtek 60 bronze metal buckles for belts, buckle, for bags, leather strap, DIY accessories, 6 sizes - 3,3 cm, 3,18 cm, 2,54 cm, 0,79 inches, 1,7 cm, 1,51 cm
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Hysagtek 60 bronze metal buckles for belts, buckle, for bags, leather strap, DIY accessories, 6 sizes - 3,3 cm, 3,18 cm, 2,54 cm, 0,79 inches, 1,7 cm, 1,51 cm

  • Wide application: ideal for men and women repairing leather belts, bags and crafts, resistant fastening accessories, gear supplies and seams to fix clothes.
  • Options of varied size: 6 sizes of roller buckles (inner size): 10 pieces x 13 mm; 10 parts x 17 mm; 10 parts x 20 mm; 10 parts x 25 mm; 10 parts x 30 mm; 10 parts x 33 mm; Total is 60 parts, meet your different needs.

Prym - Buckle Clasp (50 mm, plastic), Color Black

  • Clip plastic buckle of 50 mm
  • Strong fixation for bags or backpacks

BETESSIN 60pcs Metallic Buckles - 30pcs D-rings + 30pcs Silver Color Rectangular Rings for Straps Belt Backpack DIY Bag

  • {60pcs} The package includes: 30pcs D-rings + 30pcs rectangular rings, large quantity, different shapes, which allow them to be used for different purposes and on different occasions.
  • {Size} The metal buckles are 25 * 15 * 3mm, which pay attention to the size before purchase.
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Advantus Buckles, Multicolor, 0.5x3.63x5.25 Inches

  • A metal clasp used to adorn and fasten a strap or ribbon, 6 Buckles and 6 fasteners, 2 of each finish included, Copper, nickel and brass, By Tim Holtz
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Bag buckle, ZERHOK, metal sliding buckle, 66pcs, D-shape, rectangle and one with hook, silver adjustable buckle, bag buckle.

  • 3 types: each set has 3 types of metal buckle, letter D shape, rectangle and one with hook.For their different shapes, they have different uses.The type of D can be installed in the bag, the rectangle is mounted on the strap of bag, and the bag and strap connector is the buckle with hook, the hook can button in the D-shape and the other end of it can be installed on the strap.
  • Quality metallic: This silver adjustable buckle is made of anti-oxidant metal, and has the high hardness capacity.It is not easy to mold and deform during use.

36 Plastic Side Buckle Parts and Tri-glide Clip Strap Slider, 5 / 8, 1 and 1 1 / 2 Inches, Black

  • Different sizes: the side release buckle and the three slide clip have 3 sizes, 1,6 cm (5 / 8 inch), 2,5 cm (1 inch) and 3,8 cm (1 1 / 2 inch), suitable for different belt sizes
  • Wide range of use: this type of buckle is widely applied in your daily life, such as straps, fastener strap, dog collar harness, nylon straps, camping bag belt, suitcase, backpack, sports equipment, pet products , etc.

VINFUTUR 60pcs 32mm-20pcs Hebillas Metálicas Mochila en D+20pcs Anillas Rectangulares Bolso+20pcs Hebillas Metal con Gancho Giratorio para Correa Cinturón Mochila Bolso DIY

  • Contenido: 20pcs anillas metálicas en D, 20pcs anillas rectangulares bolso y 20pcs hebillas metal con gancho giratorio, diferente forma para su uso diferente
  • Tamaño: son hebillas metálicas en D de 32*18mm, anillas rectangulares de 32*16mm, ganchos giratorios de 32mm(como muestra la imagen), adecuado para su bricolaje o artesanía de 32mm

HONGCI 50pcs 3 / 8 "Plastic Buckles Clasp Buckles for Paracord Bracelets

  • Great accessory for paracord bracelets, straps, dog collar, bags and clothes.
  • Size of buckles: size of these quick release buckles of approximately 1,14 inches / 2,9 total length cm, 0,59 inches / 1,5 total width cm; These buckles fit straps or straps of 3 / 8 inch (9.5 mm);

25 1 Parts Inch Side Buckle Triglide Ribbon Slip for Fastening Strap and Backpack, Silver

  • Dimension of the slide buckle: the buckle on the slide is approx. 25 mm / 1 inch width inside and 3 mm / 0,12 inch line diameter, supports a width band of 1 inch and suspenders
  • Quality and durability: these triglide slides are made of iron, with nickel plating on the surface, robust and durable, it is not easy to get rust or erosion, allowing you to apply for a long time

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