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If you think about buying is a Large Decorative Figures, It will be super practical. On this page you will discover a category with reviews, comparative and opinions with different possibilities that are available when trying to buy Large Decorative Figures. We do not want to bore, with too many arguments in relation to each Large Decorative Figure, we are the ones who believe that the simplest, also will be the most useful, so you can see which are the most popular Large Decorative Figures, preferred by other customers , the best sellers. This is why you now have the 30 Collection of Large Decorative Figures that are most purchased online.

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Dszapaci Buddha figure praying sitting 40 large cm with medveierende candle holder Budda Statue as living room decoration, ceramics, 40cm mit Windlicht

  • This Buddha meditator measures 40 cm in height and is the ideal decoration for your living room.
  • The sitting Buddha statue with lantern (Ø 8 cm) suitable for a tea light, brings Feng Shui on its 4 walls and has a nice and cozy effect on your guests
Fountasia Garden Friends - Decorative figure in the shape of a ladybug (large size)
2 Reviews

Fountasia Garden Friends - Decorative figure in the shape of a ladybug (large size)

  • Metallic decorative figure with bright paint.
  • Handmade. Great quality.
PromotionTOP SALES No. 3
Blumfeldt Siddhartha Sculpture with Buddhist Style • 60 cm tall • Weatherproof • Made of Fiberglass and Cement • Decorative Statue of Siddharta Gautama meditating
4 Reviews

Blumfeldt Siddhartha Sculpture with Buddhist Style • 60 cm tall • Weatherproof • Made of Fiberglass and Cement • Decorative Statue of Siddharta Gautama meditating

  • Strength to meditate: tall 60cm statue with Far Eastern Buddhist style. Weather resistant: Resistant to UV rays and frost - suitable for the outdoors. Robust materials: fiberglass and cement with natural stone finish
  • Stable: large support surface. Realistic stone finish

Pajoma 20688 Elephant Figure Mosaic, Resin, Height 10 cm

  • Elephant figure with ornate stones mirror
  • Resin
Buddha figure, made of sandstone, handmade
5 Reviews

Buddha figure, made of sandstone, handmade

  • Material: sandstone
  • A well molded Buddha figure, made from a large carved block of dense sandstone.
Nadal Decorative Figure Love unconditional, Resin, 6.20x15.50x9.50 cm
2 Reviews

Nadal Decorative Figure Love unconditional, Resin, 6.20x15.50x9.50 cm

  • Designed in Spain
  • Signature of Nadal and the sculptor
Large Buddha Statue 65 cm sitting Decorative figure for living room Sculpture XL
1 Reviews

Large Buddha Statue 65 cm sitting Decorative figure for living room Sculpture XL

  • This Buddha has a cozy and perfect effect as a decorative statue for indoor and outdoor covered
  • The sculpture Buddha convinces by its detailed processing and has a weight of 4,8 kg. The high tare weight offers good stability for this decorative figure to its covered terrace, balcony or in the winter garden

Go_creen - Decorative figurine for miniature garden, design of princess mononoque luminous resin with elves

  • 6 different types of tree elves Micro landscapes.
  • Under the light of the moon gives a touch of heart, you hear clearly a beautiful edge cold cut forward, like your face, deep in the heart of the sad knows that his heart only the elves of the tree in the forest.

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