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Jovi - Case, 12 textile markers, assorted colors (1410)

  • 12 case markers
  • Colorful textile marker with water-based ink
PromotionTOP SALES No. 2

Fabric markers, 20 units, with board tip of varying density

  • Content: 20 ud
  • Package dimensions (LxAxAlt): 20 x 16 x 1.4 cm

edding e-8040-1-4001 - Textile marker, black color

  • Water and rub resistant and does not damage any fabric
  • The ink of this marker dries quickly, and resists even temperatures of 95º C in the washing machine

Pilot Laundry-Tec - Fabric marker

  • Width of the line of 0.65 mm
  • Water-resistant, permanent ink
PromotionTOP SALES No. 5
Edding 4500-01 - Marker for fabric, tapered tip, 2-3 mm, black color
17 Reviews

Edding 4500-01 - Marker for fabric, tapered tip, 2-3 mm, black color

  • Suitable for painting and writing on light colored fabrics
  • With pigmented ink, water based and odorless, dries quickly and does not smear

Stationery Island Fabric Markers - Permanent Marker Pens for Double-Sided Fabrics Pack of 12

  • FUN HOURS - Ideal for drawing on a wide range of fabrics such as cotton, polyester and nylon. Excellent for keeping children occupied, while designing their own t-shirts, caps or backpacks
  • DOUBLE POINT - Make fabulous designs with this package of 12 felt tip pens for double pointed fabrics. The fine tip can be used for details and the widest for thick lines, which offers great possibilities to create great designs

Giotto 494900 - Pack of 12 decorative markers for fabrics

  • Case of 12 decorative markers, special for weaving
  • Easy application with its exclusive brush tip, for maximum precision
PromotionTOP SALES No. 8

20 Fabric and textile markers Zenacolor - Fine non-toxic, indelible and permanent fine point markers - Ideal for t-shirts, baby clothes, shoes, handbags and other types of fabric

  • 1️⃣ INTENSIVE COLORS - Our game contains 20 different textile markers to offer you a rainbow of colors and allow you to release your creativity: Put your personal touch on any fabric
  • 2️⃣ TOP QUALITY INK - Non-toxic, made of rich pigments, resists fading and washing (up to 30 ° C): Personalize, in a lasting way, your t-shirts, bags or shoes
BIC Marking Ultra Fine Markers Ultrathin Tip - Assorted colors, Blister from 3 + 1
21 Reviews

BIC Marking Ultra Fine Markers Ultrathin Tip - Assorted colors, Blister from 3 + 1

  • This blister of 4 permanent markers BIC Marking Ultra Fine has a superfine tip suitable for high precision work
  • suitable for writing on small objects and marking details of labels and folders

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Here that you have examined, you have been able to examine a wide range of Bic Ultra Fine, with different options, are the most requested by users who want to buy on the web. They may be the most esteemed by users, because they are for sale at a good price or for their high quality. We want to remind you that, the most common is that the selection shows offers that are available at the moment, but they sell out quickly, for that reason, if you have found something do not let it happen, it could be that when you come back, already not available

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