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BIC 0070330133723 - Ballpoint pen (Blue, Blue)
1 Reviews

BIC 0070330133723 - Ballpoint pen (Blue, Blue)

  • Article designation: Pressure pen
  • Product type designation: Bic Soft Feel clic Grip

Bic Soft Feel Clic Grip - Retractable ball pen black (1 mm stroke, 12 units)

  • The medium 1,0 point mm is meticulously designed for writing ensures that it is smooth and effortless
  • It has a soft rubber touch padded grip for maximum comfort

BIC Cristal Soft medium tip pens (1,2 mm) - Blue, Blister pack of 4 units

  • Soft writing pen and medium tip in pack of four units in blue
  • Easy sliding ink system: writing up to 35% softer than traditional BIC pens

BIC Crystal Click Retractable Pens Medium Tip (1,0 mm) - Blue, Box of 20 units

  • Practical and comfortable: just one click to activate the retractable mechanism of the BIC Cristal Clic pen
  • The complete package: this versatile pen is equipped with an average tip of 1,0 mm that provides a uniform ink flow
PromotionTOP SALES No. 8

BIC Cristal Soft medium tip pens (1,2 mm) - Assorted colors, Blister pack of 10 units

  • The BIC Cristal Soft pen has the Easy Glide system, which offers a writing up to 35% more fluid than other BIC pens
  • It is equipped with an average tip of 1,2 mm that draws lines with an average thickness of 0,35 mm, so you can write freely


  • PEN, SFTFEEL, BP, 36 / PK, AST
PromotionTOP SALES No. 10

Paper Mate InkJoy - Retractable ballpoint pen, medium tip of 1 mm, 100 package, blue color

  • Ultrafluid ink allows you to capture your ideas without hindrance and enjoy the pleasure of writing
  • Thanks to the retractable design, you just have to click to start writing

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