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Tefeler Alcohol Meter Breathalyzer Meter Alcoholic 3 Pieces 0 ~ 100 Vol% + Thermometer Hydrometer Density Alcohol Level for Brandy Whiskey Brandy Vodka
1 Reviews

Tefeler Alcohol Meter Breathalyzer Meter Alcoholic 3 Pieces 0 ~ 100 Vol% + Thermometer Hydrometer Density Alcohol Level for Brandy Whiskey Brandy Vodka

  • Measurable scale: The amount of alcohol concentration is measured more accurately at standard temperature (20 ° C). The scale reads from 0 to 100 degrees, with the minimum scale of 1 being grade. The package includes 1 0-40% Densimeter, 1 40-70% and 1 70-100, and 1 Thermometer (0-50 ° C).
  • Easy to read: Alcohl density meters are made of glass with high transparency. The clear scale makes it read quickly and accurately.
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HH-TEC alcohol refractometer distillery 0-80% alcohol meter refractometer for distilled beverages drinks and ethanol with water such as whiskey vodka

  • USE: This is an optical refractometer designed to measure mass alcohol content. It is not suitable for measurements of alcohol content in liquor, beer or wine!
  • If you know the weight of the distillate in kilograms and measure the alcohol content in mass percentage using the refractometer, you can calculate the mass fraction of pure alcohol in kilograms by multiplying both values ​​and dividing the result by 100.
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Lovelysunshiny Homebrew Triple Scale Hydrometer for Beer, Wine, Juice, Breathalyzer

  • The 3 scale, also called triple hydrometer, can evaluate density, alcohol and brix at the same time.
  • It can be used in home cooking and making juice.
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HH-TEC Breathalyzer 0-100 Vol% Hydrometer (without thermometer) Alcohol tester Alcohol tester, suitable for all spirits or distillates
1 Reviews

HH-TEC Breathalyzer 0-100 Vol% Hydrometer (without thermometer) Alcohol tester Alcohol tester, suitable for all spirits or distillates

  • Alcohol meter 0-100 Vol% hydrometer.
  • Place the meter vertically at approximately 20 ℃ in the alcohol to be analyzed.

Duhalle - 626 Breathalyzer for Beverages (Volume from 0 to 100%)

  • Unit expressed in% Vol
  • Ideal to overcome your wine
Alcohol Tester Grandbeing Alcohol Tester, Alcohol Refractometer 0 ~ 80% with Pipette, Screwdriver, Cleaning Cloth and Transport Box
5 Reviews

Alcohol Tester Grandbeing Alcohol Tester, Alcohol Refractometer 0 ~ 80% with Pipette, Screwdriver, Cleaning Cloth and Transport Box

  • Manual alcohol refractometer, used to measure the density of alcohol in the solution, the measuring range is 0 ~ 80%.
  • Easy to use, Place 2 ~ 3 sample drops on the main prism, close the light plate and look through the eyepiece for brix reading.

AlcoFermBrew Glass Breathalyzer 0 - 100% + Saccharimeter 0 - 30 blg (Plate) + Glass Test Tube 100 ML Hydrometer

  • 1) Alcoholometer 0 - 100% - Hydrometer. This specialized hydrometer is used by distillers to check the alcohol content of distilled liquors. Scale: 0 to 100% Length: 20 cm.
  • 2) Hydrometer - 0 saccharimeter - 30 kg (dish) This hydrometer allows you to keep track of your progress and determine the alcohol content of the finished product by taking readings before and after fermentation and comparing them with letters of 0 - 30 blocks (plate) Lenght: 17 cm

Hothap Antifreeze refractometer, Hand refractometer for glycol, propylene glycol, Freezing point for cold water, Disc water, AdBlue, battery.

  • Use: with this refractometer you can identify the ethylene glycol and propylene glycol concentration of frost protection of your car, your solar system, heat pumps, the freezing point of windshield wipers, heating systems or other machines or installations.
  • Measuring range: ethanol (ethylene glycol): 0 to -50 oC; propandiol (propylene glycol): 0 to -50 oC; disc water: ethanol + water: 0 ° C up to -40 ° C, propylene glycol + water (SRF1): 0 ° C up to -40 ° C. AdBlue: urea concentration 30% - 35%, battery acid from 1,10 to 1,40 kg / L.
COPPER ALAMBIQUES. ALL SIZES. 1L Without thermometer
12 Reviews

COPPER ALAMBIQUES. ALL SIZES. 1L Without thermometer

  • Copper alembic, these small sizes can be both functional and decorative.
  • Its main function is the distillation of plants.

Notimin 3 Alcohol Meter Parts 0-100 Vol% Alcohol Meter + Thermometer + 100 Graduated Cylinder ml + Cleaning Cloth and Brush for all Spirits and Distillates

  • Measuring range: the alcohol meter is used to measure the alcohol of 0-40Vol%, 40-70Vol%, 70-100Vol%, the minimum scale: 1% vol. at room temperature (approx 20 ° C), Delivery also includes a 0-50 ° C thermometer.
  • Scope of application: The alcohol meter is used to measure a mixture of pure alcohol and water that does not have sugar or a very low sugar content, such as liqueurs and distillates. For houses and bars, gin can be easily diluted to a suitable concentration with an alcohol meter. (Precautions !: wines and sugary wines are not applicable)
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SIMIKE Alcohol Densimeter, Alcohol Tester Complete Set 0 ~ 100 Vol% + Thermometer + Cleaning Cloth Breathalyzer Accurate Measurement Made of Ecological Material [Wooden Box Included]

  • [PRECISE AND SECURE]: They measure specific potential alcohol by volume of 0 vol% at 100 vol%, the minimum scale is 1 grade. The density meters are made of glass with high transparency, which makes reading quickly and accurately. It does not contain mercury, lead or other unsafe compounds. It is ecological and allows you to make a safe measurement of your homemade drink at any time.
  • [BROAD APPLICATION]: This alcohol meter is specially designed to measure alcohol and the mixture of pure water with or without a low carbohydrate content, such as beer, whiskey, brandy, tequila, vodka, pure rum and homemade distilled alcoholic beverages. The alcohol concentration is measured more accurately at standard temperature (20 ° C).

LUSA ALAMBIQUES DE COLUMNA All Sizes. 10L (with Thermometer)

  • Stills specially designed for the distillation of plants.
  • Preparation of essential oils, ecologic soaps, perfumes, floral waters.

Alcohol meters 0 - 100% - VINOFERM - High quality | Alcoholometer | hydrometer | areometer | Turbo yeast

  • alcoholmeter 0 - 100%
  • Not only for alcohol / water mixtures. tip) for wines and liquors.

Alcohol refractometer with ATC range 0 ~ 80% for wines and wines

  • High quality product.
  • Measuring range: 0 - 80% v / v (volume percentage): 1% (0 - 60%), 2% (60 - 80%).

xintiandi Ethanol Alcohol Liquor Tester Refractometer Alcohol Tester Atc Alcohol Tester

  • Built-in ATC (automatic temperature compensation), temperature 10-30 ℃.
  • Use only ambient light, which means you do not need batteries or power

fghdfdhfdgjhh Fit PFT-661S Digital LCD Breathalyzer Analyzer Detector Breathalyzer Detector with Backlight Audible Alert Police Drive Home

  • Digital alcohol tester with audible alert, dual LCD screen and backlight
  • Function: with alcohol meter, timer, temperature function.

fghdfdhfdgjhh Alcohol Detector with Breathalyzer and Alcohol Tester Mini Police with Red Backlight LCD Display and 5 Nozzles

  • Elegant and convenient design for measuring BAC.
  • A simple method to analyze the concentration of alcohol in blood anytime and anywhere.

Alwayswe RZ116 - Hand-held refractometer with breathalyzer

  • Measuring range: brix: 0 - 40%, alcohol: 0 - 25%
  • ATC range (automatic temperature compensation): 10 ° C ~ 30 ° C (50 ° ~ 86 ° F)

Breathalyzer alcohol tester 0-100% alcohol measures spirit distilled 23 cm

  • Stevenson Reeves - Spiral breathalyzer, made in the United Kingdom
  • 0-100% (Vol) to 20C

Owfeel Brix refractometer with double scale automatic temperature compensation for homemade beer from 0 to 32% of specific gravity hydrometer

  • Eye improvement: the eyepiece is comfortable; the vision is clearer and can protect the prism.
  • The visibility is easy to adjust, and the scale is not clearer. Also, turn the wheel of the hand slightly until the line of sight is clear.

JENOR Triple-scale hydrometer for making homemade beer, wine, Mead Ale Craft Sider

  • Better Home Hunting Hydrometer, to take your readings with specific gravity,
  • Scale: specific gravity (1,0 - 1,1), used to measure sugar content before fermentation.

JENOR Triple-scale hydrometer for making cider, beer and wine

  • Better Home Hunting Hydrometer, to take your readings with specific gravity,
  • Scale: specific gravity (0,9 - 1,0), used to measure the sugar content when the fermentation is finished.

PETSOLA Homebrew Alcohol Exhaust Hydrometer Breathalyzer 0-100% Alcohol Meter 3pcs

  • Designed as a professional alcohol measuring tool.
  • Three pieces of breathalyzer whose measurement is 0-40%, 0-70%, 0-100%.

Exing Alcohol Meter Alcohol Meters, LCD Breathalyzer for - Breathalyzer with Red Bottom and 5 Mouth Stubs

  • Sensor: High precision semiconductor alcohol sensor
  • With a sensitive semiconductor sensor you can quickly achieve a result. It is also in comfortable red background, the result in reading at night.

Casavidas 3 Scale High quality wine beer cutter with breathalyzer for wine beer, beer, alcohol, alcohol test, triple scale

  • 3 wine beer alcohol test scales for beer beer beer high quality for home beer beer beer alcohol testing triple scale
  • Quantity: 1 unit.

Casavidas 2018 - Hydrometer of 3 scales for wine beer, beer, alcohol, triple scale, breathalyzer

  • 2018 3 hydrometer hot sale shelves for home beer beer beer triple scale alcohol testing alcohol hydrometer Bridal meter
  • Quantity: 1 unit.

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